Generator Servicing and Repair

Generators are commonly used to provide a reliable source of power to a business or production line when mains power fails. In the event of a power failure, having the generator under perform or fail to start completely can have devastating impacts on a business.

At Navavikas Winding Works, we offer a comprehensive service for generators including repairs, rewinding . we work with a wide range of clients that rely on a generator across many different sectors.

Common Causes of Generator Failure

A generator is a big asset for businesses, so failure or under performance can be extremely costly, the most common reasons for generator failure include:

    • Low Coolant Levels – When coolants levels fall below the recommended levels, the generator will begin to overheat and shut down. A regular visual check can identify whether coolant levels are below the recommended amount.
    • Fuel Contamination – When fuel is left stagnant, it can become contaminated. The first signs of fuel contamination and blocked filters, bad smells and loss of power from the generator.
    • Under Loading – Generators are designed to run at specific loads. Failure to run your generator at full power routinely can cause damage to the generator and lead to failure when mains power fails and you are most reliant on the motor.
    • Human Error – In some cases, human error can result in failure. The most common failure is that auto mode has been set to ‘off’, meaning the generator does not start up automatically when required.

Emergency  Cover

At Navavikas Winding Works, we understand the devastating impact a generator breakdown can have on your business, that’s why we offer a nationwide 24/7 call out service to get your business moving again in a fast and efficient manner.